Bitcoin 101: More about the Blockchain – Part 8

For part 8 in my Bitcoin 101 Series, I want to go deeper into explaining what the Bitcoin Blockchain is.

In my last blockchain post, I started to explain what it is and what some of the concepts are to a blockchain.  I touched on it briefly and I am going to use this post to bring up some more details about it.  As a review, I explained where you can see the Blockchain and how it works. I came across the following video and I think that it will help even more in digging into what the blockchain is. It may seem long, but it is worth watching if you truely are interested in learning what is behind this new technology.  (Video is 22 minutes)

As you can see, it can get pretty in-depth to explain how the entire process works.  Early bitcoin developers took on the vision of Satoshi and built this system from scratch. (To read the first whitepaper, go here.) Today it has been the longest running and most attacked blockchain to this point in history.  While many other exchanges and technologies are failing, the Bitcoin Blockchain has continued to function just as it has since Jan. 3, 2009.

I am still learning about the blockchain.  I started learning about it 3 years ago and I learn more about it all the time.  The best reference I have on it is the book Mastering Bitcoin. Chapter 7 digs pretty far into what it is and the inner workings of it. (Read it here for free!) I would encourage any bitcoin developer to read that and study it.

Thanks for stopping by. I hope that this helps you further understand the blockchain and other parts of the bitcoin world. Be sure to check out the other posts in the Bitcoin 101 Series and stay tuned next time when we dive even deeper into the world of bitcoin!


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