My First Hardware Wallet

I have read up on hardware wallets and understood them to be a good “cold storage” way to store bitcoins. (Cold storage is one of the most secure ways you can store bitcoins.)  After looking at a couple different options, I went with the Ledger Wallet as my first hardware choice.  They have a few different options and since I don’t have a lot of money to put into it, I went with the Nano selection.  It was only $29 which was good for my price range.

After I received the package, I inspected all the contents. Besides the USB wallet, it also had a plastic security card inside a leather case, an instruction card, a recovery card with a place to write the 24-word pass-phrase, and a lanyard so that you can have the option to wear it. It seems to me that they thought of everything.

Setup was fairly quick and simple. The computer I used was my own computer – which they suggested. They want to use your own PC for security reasons. There is a Google Chrome extension that needs to be installed. It asks for you to plug in the USB wallet and you set a PIN. There is also an option to set up a connected smartphone so you can get alerts when transactions are made on your wallet.

I would recommend this wallet to anyone that does not want to spend a lot but wants all the features that a secure, simple hardware wallet should have.

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